Monday, January 26, 2009

WW Chili

Tonight I decided I would be a good wife and cook dinner for my husband!
I made WW Chili that is only 1 point for 1 cup. A great meal considering it is 7 degrees and so cold here. Hubby just had more of it than I did, he also went back for seconds!
It really is more a vegetable soup but still it is really good. Search it on google and you will have no trouble finding it! Don't worry if you aren't fond of the separate veggie that are in it. They all mix well and none of them stand out if you hate one of them.
(I really hate celery and green peppers that are crunchy)
Do you have any recommendations of alternative ww friendly receipts?


  1. I signed up for the free trial of WW! So excited to get rid of this food baby!

  2. Is your hubby on WW too? I am not part of it but my hubby really needs to lose some weight. Any tips for getting him to join?

  3. thanks for the tip, I'll have to look into that for Sunday (superbowl)

  4. Which ww chili is it? I make the hearty turkey chili (4pts per 1 cup serving) and my fiance and I LOVE it! I'd love to find the 1pt per 1 cup recipe though!