Friday, January 9, 2009

How to burn more calories at the gym part 2

There are a few things that I forgot to add to yesterday's post.
When I lift I bring my phone with me and use the notepad to write what weight I lifted and how many times. I would have no idea what weight I lifted the time before if I didn't do this. It is ok to lift the same weights a few times but I would push yourself to always make it hard.
Also make sure that you have 2 days of recovery before you work the same muscle. Also give yourself days off from the gym. This will improve your time spent at the gym and give your body time to heal.
I was asked if I add the points I burn to my daily points total.
I guess I don't worry if I go a little over my points that day. Technically I could eat the extra points but I try not to, I just stick to my points for that day. I do make sure that I eat carbs before I go for extra energy and have a cheese in my bag to eat on the car ride home.


  1. Great post!! :) Always need to push ourselves to lift more and run faster :)