Friday, November 27, 2009

Year end goal

Most people set goals for the new year but I am going to set a year end goal this year...
I want to get enough miles on my running shoes so that I need to replace them. I am 66 miles away from the 300 mile total goal! I have about 5 weeks to complete this, that's not ambitious by any means but getting it done during the holidays will be tough. You can check my progress by looking on the right part of my page. The Nike+ isn't the accurate one, it the one that says keeping me motivated.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I have been cooking up a storm today and all the food is low in points!!
First I started by throwing tons of random items in my slow-cooker.
I threw in two cans of Rotel (the kind with cilantro and lime)
1 big can diced tomatoes 28 oz I believe
1 can black beans
1 can mushrooms drained
1 cup of frozen green beans
1 cup frozen corn
I also added some extra cilantro because I love it!
I also added four 8 oz frozen chicken breasts
I cooked it for 8 hours on slow. I have only had a taste but it tasted pretty good!
I divided up the pot into 8 Tupperware dishes and froze most of them. I will take one out of the freezer when one is eaten so one is always ready.
I figured out how many points each ingredient was per new serving size and added up the points. Most were zero points! I believe that is how WW online does it. I figured this was 3-4 points per serving.
Don't have all this stuff? Throw in what you have with some meat. I have yet to do this and have it turn out bad. The key is to let it cook 8 hours on low. Rushing it and it isn't as good.
I also cooked some squashes, spaghetti and butternut.
Most people don't like squash but I really have come to enjoy it.
I tried something new when I cooked the spaghetti squash and it worked quite well. Instead of struggling to cut both squashes in half I poked a few holes and placed them in the oven whole at 400 for 1 hour. They were so easy to split, scoop the seeds out of and shred! I froze half of what I made since I didn't want it to spoil before I ate it.
I cooked the halved butternut squashed the same time pureed them before I put them in tupperware. They are a quick easy filling snack.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Three days in a row of working out and two of following my points!!
Sometimes you have to celebrate the little accomplishments!
Yesterday I went to a friends house pre-dinner and ended hanging out till 6 or so. While I was there they pulled out tons of super tempting yummy foods. I sat there and talked to them and enjoyed 2 points of wine. They pulled out the chips and queso (a fav of mine) I was super tempted but I knew that I needed to follow my points though so I avoided it entirely. I am so proud that I did and I gotta say that if I would have had even one chip or one bite I would have not been able to spot.

Monday, November 2, 2009

eating vs working out

Just a little food for thought for you...
My husband and I just had this conversation as I came in the door from my hour long workout.
"I just ate a Chipotle burrito and a glass of milk for lunch!"
"Wow, pretty sure you just ate more calories in the time I was gone than I burned"
"Well the burrito alone was at least 800 calories"
"I just burned 700 calories"
Poorly written but I hope you get the idea. It's so much easier to eat calories than burn them. You have to count calories because it is so easy to go overboard on them!