Friday, November 27, 2009

Year end goal

Most people set goals for the new year but I am going to set a year end goal this year...
I want to get enough miles on my running shoes so that I need to replace them. I am 66 miles away from the 300 mile total goal! I have about 5 weeks to complete this, that's not ambitious by any means but getting it done during the holidays will be tough. You can check my progress by looking on the right part of my page. The Nike+ isn't the accurate one, it the one that says keeping me motivated.


  1. Good luck & awesome idea. I'm most impressed that you are doing it year end. The procrastinator that I am, would have built up the whole idea and then waited for January 1st!

  2. Good luck! I think I've ran about 200 miles since I've started running in July...I am setting a goal for weight and running by the year's end, too!

  3. you can so do that! Its about 13 mi per week!!!You go girl!!!!