Thursday, July 29, 2010

3 weeks

So we are back from vacation and I am finishing up day 4 in a row of counting points. It's been a rough month for counting points but I am so happy to be back.
I read an interesting article today in the doctors office about losing weight, it said that fad diets work only because you lose water weight at first. I think we all know that but it went on to say that you don't actually start losing fat until around week three. It motivated me to think of weight watchers differently than counting points when it is convenient. To continue losing I need to step it up and stick with it. So much easier to type than actually do.
We have a big Music Festival coming up in three weeks where I will run into so many people so that is great motivation to stick with it for at least the next three weeks.
Do you need a goal or upcoming event to motivate you or is the lose enough?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cucumber sandwiches

I have a new favorite that is only 2 points...
I put ww cream cheese (1 pt) on a 1 pt bagel thin and top it with slices of cucumber and salt and pepper. So yummy, light and fresh!
I had something almost identical at a lunch I attended and loved it so much I figured I would make it but for as little points as possible. What favorite have you made work into your daily points?