Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fast, easy and only 2 points!

Sometimes you have to celebrate the small things and today I am celebrating the fact that I was able to count my points yesterday! The first day is the hardest and now I am past that. I woke up feeling proud and ready to start counting again today.
I started the day with my typical cup of coffee and decided I was in the mood to make something special so I made an egg white omelet. Basically I scrambled 3 egg whites with a little water added instead of milk. At the very end I threw in a handful of spinach and some sun-dried tomatoes and let it cook just till the spinach wilted. I threw in a light laughing cow cheese wedge and stirred till it was melted. The tomatoes were my favorite part. The fiber from the spinach and tomatoes makes it pretty filling. Easy and gourmet for only 2 points!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Typical Day

I was asked what I typically eat in a day so I figured that I would share what I am planning for today. I really believe planning every point you are going to eat that day keeps you on track better than winging it. I have found that keeping track in the notepad part of my iPhone works the best for me, most phones have these now I believe. Why not have it with you at all times.
The top part is what I have already eaten and the bottom is what I have planned for the day. I move them around as the day goes on. They don't need to be eaten in that order but having a list makes it so much easier.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wedding Weight

It's been a month since I've posted and that generally means one thing, life got in the way and Weight Watchers took a back seat. The best part though is that today is a new day and you don't have to start a process again just start counting points.
Last week I had a doctors appointment with a doctor I hadn't seen since right before we got married, as soon as the nurse had written down my weight I asked if she had my last weight from my last visit. I was down 4 lbs from my wedding weight! This may not sound like a lot but I was also pretty happy with the way I looked at my wedding. I really didn't start gaining weight until after we said I do. I also had been terrible about counting points so I knew I was a few pounds heavier than I could be.
Weight Watchers really does work if you stick to the program and count every bite that goes into your mouth.