Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Typical Day

I was asked what I typically eat in a day so I figured that I would share what I am planning for today. I really believe planning every point you are going to eat that day keeps you on track better than winging it. I have found that keeping track in the notepad part of my iPhone works the best for me, most phones have these now I believe. Why not have it with you at all times.
The top part is what I have already eaten and the bottom is what I have planned for the day. I move them around as the day goes on. They don't need to be eaten in that order but having a list makes it so much easier.


  1. HoW do you eat the artichoke? Growing up we ate them with mayo I assume you will not. I had no idea the 100 cal pa cos were 2 points. Seems like a lot

  2. It just amazes me that you're still able to lose weight on WW and eat foods that most experts would ban while eating clean!