Wednesday, December 30, 2009

hot then your cold

I have gotten quiet a few comments about people shying away from running/walking outside because of the cold. I had a thought today about it. In some ways it is harder because you have to deal with the cold, shorter days and the snow but I would prefer that to the summer heat and having to get my workout in before 10 am (not a morning person). It really is easier to add gloves, a hat or an extra layer that can be taken off then just having to deal with the heat because there is no other option other than starting earlier.
I do have a friend however that would rather run in the high noon summer heat than run in the cold. I think you are built for one or the other. Try getting out in the cold though because I bet you may enjoy it more that you would think.
Click here to get some winter run tips from the Lulelemon Blog about dressing for the cold.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

eating to burn more calories

I hit my 300 mile goal today!
This week has been super productive, I have already gotten in 14 miles in the past 3 days. If I make all the runs I have planned out I will get in 26-29 miles total this week.
I want to talk today about fueling our bodies for life and exercise. I can tell such a difference on the days after I have counted points. Today will be the third day in a row that I have stayed on track as well as the third day that I have gotten in miles. I can tell that I get more energy every day because of the combination.
After yesterday's 5 mile walk I was exhausted even though I didn't attempt to run in the snow. That evening my legs were exhausted all night. Today I went just as far on a trail that had much more hills, ran a good part of it and burned about 4oo calories more than the day before. My legs aren't sore tonight and I feel great.
This is the biggest change between the two days....
I ate this half way through my workout. It really made such a difference. Especially when the last mile was all uphill in this slush...
It was about three inches thick of slush and so hard to walk in.
I can't imagine how hard it was on this little one. I was going to leave her home today because I had taken her so far already this week. She was so excited though when I was getting ready that I couldn't leave her behind. It's funny that a dog can tell when you have workout clothes on.
Basically because I ate the extra 120 calories I was able to burn 400 more calories and recover faster. Food isn't the enemy but the fuel.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Results of planning ahead

Ok girls the holidays are almost over, just New Years is left to go. Let the excused end and the weight loss start!
Earlier this month I talked about planning your exercise for the week ahead. It really worked for me. I didn't make every run I planned but I did get in 52 miles so far this month. That's 34 more mile this month because of planning ahead.
"Failing to plan is like planning to fail"
Today was way too snowy to run but I still hit the trail and got in 4 miles and some stunning photos.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Love Christmas and the holidays but I am so excited to be back on track!
I want to say temptation free but we all know that's not our world.

Monday, December 21, 2009

You gotta start somewhere

Yesterday was one of those days when I was on an amazing runner's high! Three weeks of hard work was all worth it. It all started with walking. Remember you gotta start somewhere.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I just read this quote on Runner's World and figured it was too good not to share.
"Only exercise can take care of the calories you've already eaten"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Getting closer

Almost two weeks ago I set the goal of having new running shoes by the end of the year. That means that I have to have 300 miles total on the shoe in 5 weeks. I have already logged 17.6 miles since I set the goal simply because I set it. I want to earn the new shoes since they are so expensive. It is such great motivation for me to have this goal. The math works out that if I do 4 miles on the days I have planned I will hit my goal in about a week and a half. If I have off days like I have been having lately and only get in 1.5 - 2.5 miles it will take me all month. I think it is this freezing cold weather that is setting me back the most. 1 degree is no fun to even walk to your car in much less actually work out in.
Isn't it weird to look forward to 35 degree days?
All I want is for the snow to melt so I can hit the trail again.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A few things I've learned

I have learned a few things this week and figure I would share...
Find a workout that is close to your house. I found a trail that is one mile from my house so I walk there. I actually walk around my neighborhood the long way for a warm up and once I am on the main road I begin my run. (Log onto running ahead and create a new course to be able to figure out how far your run is.) Not having to make even a quick 10 minute drive to the gym really helps you get in your workouts. By the time you pack your gym bag, drive there, park and get on a treadmill you have wasted at least 30 minutes. I am shock by how many more I am fitting in even this busy month. I am also getting better workout because my body is being challenged more by the uneven surfaces.
Please don't feel like you have to get in a run to have a workout. If all you can do is walk then walk! It took me a long time to even learn how to run 1 mile so don't ever feel bad, just make sure you are pushing yourself for a better workout.
Speaking of busy month, it is December and FREEZING. I live in Colorado, it snows it's a fact. It is always so sunny though that here in Denver the snow melts super fast. This winter though we have had tons of little storms and it hasn't been melting. I still really want to run outside so I have had to make a few adjustments to what I wear...
I got a grey compression mock turtleneck as my base layer, I then put on a fleece that has the thumb holes to keep your sleeves down (LOVE this feature) and last I wear running tights. I really didn't see the need for these until I ran in my normal yoga pants one snowy day. I came home and from my knee up to the top of my legs was red and itchy from being so cold then coming inside. I love them but they are a little tight, all they had was size medium. They will be perfect though after a week or more of running. All of the above is C9 from Target, love that line (all but the sports bra's that wear out to fast for me).
I also have had to add a hat and gloves, both are easy to take off if you get too hot.
Last but not least...
If you haven't ran in a 4 - 6 weeks you will loose any progress you have made. Not a shock but I read it in Runner's World today. My runs now are about 1.5 miles (on a good day) before I begin to walk. It's ok though because soon I will be up to a 5K again!
Only 45 more miles till I can purchase new running shoes!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

planning ahead

I was able to add 9.8 miles to my year end goal this week, now only 48.8 miles left! It has been super cold this week and snowy so that fact that they were all outside amazes me. I did have to purchase new gear because of the cold but that's another post.
Every time I run I add my miles into running ahead and every time I am always amazed that I ran 60 miles in July.
I finally decided to look a little closer into why I ran so much that month. When I pulled up my calender I realized that I had scheduled out my runs the entire month in advance.
Every day I wrote what type of run (speed, trail or easy) I would do that day and made sure it worked with my schedule, I even wrote in days off. Realizing how well it worked I have done the same for the next two weeks. I look forward to the days off and make sure that I get my run in on days that it's scheduled so that I can still take busy days off. The last two runs have been on pretty busy days but it became a priority because they were written down. I have also done the same with cheat days/meals once a week. I look forward to them and don't feel the need to cheat because I have dinner with a friend or a date night coming up.
Also have to show you a picture of the worlds best running partner...
Yep, my little 10 pound dog. She is always so excited to go with me. Most people don't think of these dogs as running/walking companions but she will go as long as I do, 5 miles on a good day.