Friday, December 4, 2009

planning ahead

I was able to add 9.8 miles to my year end goal this week, now only 48.8 miles left! It has been super cold this week and snowy so that fact that they were all outside amazes me. I did have to purchase new gear because of the cold but that's another post.
Every time I run I add my miles into running ahead and every time I am always amazed that I ran 60 miles in July.
I finally decided to look a little closer into why I ran so much that month. When I pulled up my calender I realized that I had scheduled out my runs the entire month in advance.
Every day I wrote what type of run (speed, trail or easy) I would do that day and made sure it worked with my schedule, I even wrote in days off. Realizing how well it worked I have done the same for the next two weeks. I look forward to the days off and make sure that I get my run in on days that it's scheduled so that I can still take busy days off. The last two runs have been on pretty busy days but it became a priority because they were written down. I have also done the same with cheat days/meals once a week. I look forward to them and don't feel the need to cheat because I have dinner with a friend or a date night coming up.
Also have to show you a picture of the worlds best running partner...
Yep, my little 10 pound dog. She is always so excited to go with me. Most people don't think of these dogs as running/walking companions but she will go as long as I do, 5 miles on a good day.

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  1. Awe, she is precious! I like that planning ahead. When I can run again in 2 weeks I think I will have to do that.