Wednesday, December 30, 2009

hot then your cold

I have gotten quiet a few comments about people shying away from running/walking outside because of the cold. I had a thought today about it. In some ways it is harder because you have to deal with the cold, shorter days and the snow but I would prefer that to the summer heat and having to get my workout in before 10 am (not a morning person). It really is easier to add gloves, a hat or an extra layer that can be taken off then just having to deal with the heat because there is no other option other than starting earlier.
I do have a friend however that would rather run in the high noon summer heat than run in the cold. I think you are built for one or the other. Try getting out in the cold though because I bet you may enjoy it more that you would think.
Click here to get some winter run tips from the Lulelemon Blog about dressing for the cold.

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  1. I hear ya about running in the a.m.I am not a morning person either! I always have to beat the heat here in Fl so I would love to run in the cold! at least try