Wednesday, April 29, 2009

not today

I really don't have the time or energy tonight to really tell you about running like I want to, it is almost midnight here. It is coming soon though!
I did want to share with you stories from my run today though.
I had a really hard time getting out on the trail today, by the time I felt ok and ready to go it was hours later than I had intended. I made it out there though and that's what is important!
I figured today would be my typical four miler today again but two things happened that I didn't plan on....
First my shuffle died earlier and I hadn't realized it so I had no book on tape or music today. I actually still had a great run though. Later in my run I picked up my dog and when I put her down my shuffle got caught and fell off on the trail. I run with my chihuahua which really is a whole other post in it's self that I may have to write soon! Well long story short my car keys fell off in all the commotion and I didn't even realize it. I instinctively reached down to make sure it was still there in my last half a mile and realized it was missing. I turned around and started to back track. Luckily there was an older couple that picked them up and was going to put it on the trail sign for me to hopefully find. I gotta say that I am so lucky I realized it before I got too far away and also lucky that they didn't get smooched. I think they are at least $100 to replace the fob and the key.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am hoping to have time tomorrow to post about running since so many of you are interested!
I did want to leave you with thoughts at the end of my day though.
I managed to walk 6 miles today! I wasn't feeling running today so I figured I would keep my heart rate low and just increase my time so that I would still burn the same amount of calories.
After my halfway point though I felt like running again and did a little mixed in with my walking.
The thought I want to leave you with though is how I feel tonight...
I can't wait for tomorrow to get out there again. I also have 2 points left over because I am full already. I notice such a difference on days that I work out, I just don't need as many calories. When I was sick last weekend though I ate everything I could find (head cold not stomach). My jeans are currently too tight and I can't wait to loose those few pounds that make me reach for my yoga pants. Do remember that just because you are working out doesn't mean you need to eat the calories you have burned. I guess that a lot of people who start running for weight loss end up gaining weight because they eat more calories than they burned.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I need some love

Girls, I just want to make sure my blog is helping motivate all of you. I am getting an average of 4 comments on each post when I show I have over 200 people reading on days I post. I get a lot of first time readers posting (love that!) but I want to make sure what I am saying makes sense. If I am not or you have a question e-mail me or comment. I almost always answer back, if I missed you ever it was an oversight. I understand just trying to keep up with your google reader and making sure you read all the great blogs that are out there, I am guilty of reading and not commenting often.
I was thinking about writing my next post about how I went from a complete non runner to starting to train myself to run but thought to myself they aren't commenting so I shouldn't waste my time.

My new running playlist

I found a great thing to listen to while running!
I listened to Twilight on my ipod shuffle today while I got in my 4 miles! It may sound stupid and you may think you need a fast beat to motivate you but I found this really was a great trick for me. I found that the 4 miles really flew by today and that I was really in tune with my body. I never really thought about having to make the effort to walk or run today because I was listening to the story. I think we are so use to having music on as background noise that I think we focus on each step more at times and that's why we need the fast pace. I have also noticed a negative of listening to fast music while working out, when I am running I need to really focus on keeping my heart rate low so that I can run longer and not burn out after a minute. Some fast paced songs make it much harder to pace yourself.
I would try this especially if you like to watch tv at the gym. I got the bonus of being outside in the beautiful weather and to listen to a great book. (If you haven't read them you most likely are very hesitant like I was at first. Give them a chance the entire series really are great books.)
I get my books on cd at the library and upload them to my computer for my ipod. You can check the boxes the book you are currently are listening to so that your ipod isn't full of books on cd.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The crazy Colorado weather is finally agreeing with me and I have been able to start walking/running again outside! We had a blizzard last weekend but I was able to get out in short sleeves two days later. I took it slow and walked the entire 4 miles because I had a head cold during the blizzard. I also swung by the gym yesterday and did a quick upper body circuit. I was there no longer than 15 minutes but I still burned 100 calories and built muscle. Remember that muscle burns calories even when it is not in use. Yesterday, I started running again and used some of the principles of the new book that I picked up.

The selection of women's running books at Barnes and Nobles wasn't super impressive but I did find one that I am super happy with. It is all about women's running as you can see. It is great because it really addresses all aspects of running.
My 2nd day out I decided to do a half a mile warm up then see how far I could run straight. I made it for half mile and then walked half a mile and ran again to the next half mile marker. I ended up alternating running and walking for about 3 out of the 4 miles.
I do have to say that running burns way more calories than walking. The two exact same walks had a calorie difference of 150 calories. Also today even though I haven't yet seen the weight loss results of working out this early I had a friend comment that my face looked much thinner than when she recently saw me!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Trigger foods

On my latest trip to Costco I picked up a huge piece of smoked salmon!
I got home and cut them into 1 point pieces and bagged them up for an easy snack. There are two problems with this snack, one point of salmon is not a lot and it causes me to crave more.
I like to call these trigger foods, anything that causes you to crave other/more food.
The biggest key is to figure out what foods trigger you.
I have a friend who knows that popcorn is a trigger food for her. For most of us though it is a great 1 point snack, they obviously vary for every person.
Have you found any items that are triggers?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Some new favorite 1 point foods

Lately I have found two great 1 point foods!
The first one I actually find myself craving. I measure out one cup of frozen broccoli and cook it for 2 minutes in the microwave. I add some salt and then a piece of WW 1 point American cheese and stir till the cheese is melted! I absolutely love it.
The other I have been eating with my coffee in the mornings.
Half a cup of NATURAL applesauce with a spenda mixed in. I use the splenda packets with extra fiber added. Make sure you purchase the natural kind, the already sweetened kind is 3 points for the same amount. You will know you have the right kind if it is 50 calories rather than over 100. With the splenda added it tastes just like the presweetened kind.
Has it shocked anyone else yet that most of the foods we consider kid friendly are super high in points? Macaroni and cheese is one of the most calorie dense foods out there. We grow up regularly eating these foods and then we wonder why we are heavier when we continue to eat them. I know that kid foods are some of my biggest temptations.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Let's be real

Exciting news!
I am down 3 lbs!
I had a rough couple of weeks sticking to my points and I was so upset to see that I was up almost 9 lbs from my lowest. I still am able to fit in my clothes but I was feeling super uncomfortable. Sometimes I wonder if I should share on here when I gain weight but I had decided I want to share my real life journey through weight loss, not just the good. I don't have all the answers and I am no where near perfect.
Adding walking has helped me stick to my points and today will the the 6th day that I have followed my points! I was pretty busy all day yesterday and I wasn't able to get any miles in, I am hoping to today though. I plan on pushing myself and trying to run at least 20 minutes. I have heard that if you can get past the first 20 minutes it gets much easier. I think anyone that runs knows that feeling where it is so hard to make the next step. I will let you know what I find.
Tomorrow is Easter and I am going to allow myself a cheat day. Allowing myself this day really helps me stay on track, there are a few things that I have been craving but I just say to myself Easter is on Sunday and I can have it then. By doing this I will only eat it once and not everyday like I would have done before.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another walking post

I apologize if you are getting sick of me talking about walking again today.
I was able to get in another 4 miles yesterday with my husband! Have any of you noticed my mile tracker on the right yet? Click on it and track your own miles! I love having such a great tool to be able to track with. If you create a free account you can link it to your blog and be held accountable. There is also lots of great info to be able to look back on later to help your training such as weather, mileage pace, speed and so much more.
I also received a black eye on the same outing from my husband! Feel free to read about it by clicking here!
We had such a great walk and it was such a great way to reconnect with him. I think he finally gets why I want to make them a constant part of our lives. I am so glad that I burned so many calories because we grabbed Chipotle for dinner. Have you ever calculated the points for Chipotle? The tortilla ALONE before anything else is 6 points. I had 10 points left and ended the day just a few above where I need to be by the time I swapped out my activity points. Thank heaven for those extra flex points! I think my burrito bowl was 17 points. If I would have ordered it the way I really wanted to, with a tortilla and guac, it would have been around 30 points.
I have been able to stay on track for three days now!
I gotta say I am at times shocked that I am ever able to actually follow my points. In theory I look at my week and think I won't have any temptations...
Something comes up every stinking day. In a matter of seconds I can think of 5 times today that I turned down sweets that someone offered me. We all need to decide if it is worth it or not. Also I learned for me that one bit isn't enough. I can not eat just one.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I have gotten some really encouraging comments from new followers lately! Thanks for the comments, I am so glad to have you along for the journey. If any of you have questions or ideas for posts I would love to hear them! Having a support system is such an important part of losing weight.
Today looks like it will be another beautiful sunny day so I am planning on walking 4 miles again today. The nicest part of the trail system I use is that it is 66 miles long so I can pick it up almost anywhere if I want new scenery. It is also marked every 1/2 mile so I can track my mileage very easily. My husband is also coming with me today! It will be nice to have company but truthfully at times he holds me back on my walks. We will get a mile in and he will say "I don't want to walk four miles today, lets turn around" or he will just want to stroll along. I told him that if he walks four miles today with me I will go and play lacrosse with him after at the park. Hopefully it will work and he will join me when he can on my walks.
I am writing this not as a discouragement but to encourage you.
Find a walking buddy, someone who has similar goals, pace and schedule that you do.
When I was walking everyday a friend we kept the same pace and knew exactly how far we would go that day.
Yesterday I brought along my iPhone and caught up on old sermons that I had missed. It is a great time to be alone and just listen. After I listened I took off my headphones and just took time to be alone in the quiet. It was so nice, peaceful and great to refocus. I am also thinking about finding a book on tape from the library to listen to. The time flies by and before you know it you have walked four miles!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Today we finally had a day without the threat of rain, snow or a blizzard!
I was able to get out and walk again. The weather was so nice I took off my jacket and was plenty warm in only short sleeves. It looks like I will only have one day of rain coming up in the next week! I am going to try and fit in four miles five times this week.
I started my walk today with the mindset of just getting in four miles no matter how long it took me. I unexpectedly ran the first 1/2 a mile and then alternated walking and running! I ended up running at least a mile total today. I also figured out that I run slower than I normally walk. Does anyone know if that is normal?
I find that on days when I workout and really burn calories that I am so much less tempted to cheat. I make sure that I am fueled up before my workout with carbs and that I have some protein or simple sugar (fruit) after. I normally just throw a string cheese in my bag and eat it on my drive home.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Upcoming guest blog!

Guess what?
I have a very special treat coming soon for you girls!
Tara from Jimmy Choos and Tennis Shoes is going to do a guest post and share her workouts that she has been doing since high school with all of us.
She has the cutest blog and if you don't know who I am talking about I suggest you go check out her blog. The girl is in amazing shape! I am so excited to see what she shares with all of us!