Wednesday, April 29, 2009

not today

I really don't have the time or energy tonight to really tell you about running like I want to, it is almost midnight here. It is coming soon though!
I did want to share with you stories from my run today though.
I had a really hard time getting out on the trail today, by the time I felt ok and ready to go it was hours later than I had intended. I made it out there though and that's what is important!
I figured today would be my typical four miler today again but two things happened that I didn't plan on....
First my shuffle died earlier and I hadn't realized it so I had no book on tape or music today. I actually still had a great run though. Later in my run I picked up my dog and when I put her down my shuffle got caught and fell off on the trail. I run with my chihuahua which really is a whole other post in it's self that I may have to write soon! Well long story short my car keys fell off in all the commotion and I didn't even realize it. I instinctively reached down to make sure it was still there in my last half a mile and realized it was missing. I turned around and started to back track. Luckily there was an older couple that picked them up and was going to put it on the trail sign for me to hopefully find. I gotta say that I am so lucky I realized it before I got too far away and also lucky that they didn't get smooched. I think they are at least $100 to replace the fob and the key.


  1. O wow seems like a series of unfourtunate events for you... I am always worried about my key fob too because they are so pricey

  2. Thank goodness for good people! And props to you for having gotten through the run sans music - I know how hard that is!