Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I have gotten some really encouraging comments from new followers lately! Thanks for the comments, I am so glad to have you along for the journey. If any of you have questions or ideas for posts I would love to hear them! Having a support system is such an important part of losing weight.
Today looks like it will be another beautiful sunny day so I am planning on walking 4 miles again today. The nicest part of the trail system I use is that it is 66 miles long so I can pick it up almost anywhere if I want new scenery. It is also marked every 1/2 mile so I can track my mileage very easily. My husband is also coming with me today! It will be nice to have company but truthfully at times he holds me back on my walks. We will get a mile in and he will say "I don't want to walk four miles today, lets turn around" or he will just want to stroll along. I told him that if he walks four miles today with me I will go and play lacrosse with him after at the park. Hopefully it will work and he will join me when he can on my walks.
I am writing this not as a discouragement but to encourage you.
Find a walking buddy, someone who has similar goals, pace and schedule that you do.
When I was walking everyday a friend we kept the same pace and knew exactly how far we would go that day.
Yesterday I brought along my iPhone and caught up on old sermons that I had missed. It is a great time to be alone and just listen. After I listened I took off my headphones and just took time to be alone in the quiet. It was so nice, peaceful and great to refocus. I am also thinking about finding a book on tape from the library to listen to. The time flies by and before you know it you have walked four miles!


  1. A long walk sounds great! I really wish we had some kind of trail like that around us. I'd settle for something even a lot smaller. Maybe I'll try and find something soon! Good luck tonight!

  2. I walked a mile today along the river and it was so peaceful. Of course that was after i ran so I am sure that made it even better!

  3. Another note - when my husband goes he wants to bring the dog. Which is okay sometimes, but it's hard to keep a steady pace with the dog. He needs his own special walk.