Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am hoping to have time tomorrow to post about running since so many of you are interested!
I did want to leave you with thoughts at the end of my day though.
I managed to walk 6 miles today! I wasn't feeling running today so I figured I would keep my heart rate low and just increase my time so that I would still burn the same amount of calories.
After my halfway point though I felt like running again and did a little mixed in with my walking.
The thought I want to leave you with though is how I feel tonight...
I can't wait for tomorrow to get out there again. I also have 2 points left over because I am full already. I notice such a difference on days that I work out, I just don't need as many calories. When I was sick last weekend though I ate everything I could find (head cold not stomach). My jeans are currently too tight and I can't wait to loose those few pounds that make me reach for my yoga pants. Do remember that just because you are working out doesn't mean you need to eat the calories you have burned. I guess that a lot of people who start running for weight loss end up gaining weight because they eat more calories than they burned.


  1. way to go on your 6 miles! I am heading to the gym tonight for a 4 mile run after work.. I love running but I hate that it makes you a little tired I have been going to bed around 9:30 which is so not me.. but it's been 98 degrees here and I have been running every day.

  2. I always use music ,but it doesn't seem enough to motivate me enough to keep on going. I would get so bored after the first mile.

  3. so i am very interested in figuring out how many points i should eat a day and what foods are worth what points. can you email me (annamballard@yahoo.com) or post on where i can find this info. i enjoy reading your blog and find it helpful but i also just don't know where to start. i work out but would like to start eating healthy.

  4. Great post!! :) I walked 3 miles the other day because these days running is hard for me because with this baby bouncing on my bladder i have to tinkle every 3 seconds! I am starting to enjoy walking more and getting back used to the elliptical again!

  5. Thanks for the post - I can totally relate to this! I have been training for almost 2 months now and running about 10 - 15 miles a week and have gained!! Frustrating, but I know exaclty why...taking in more calories than I really need and thinking I deserve an extra scoop of ice cream after a run. lol! Keep up the great work.

  6. Hi- So looking forward to the running post. I notice that when I am working out I tend to eat less so I hope that trend continues. I have been starting to walk, then run, then walk, then run. I hope this is some of the technique you used to make the jump from walking to running. I suppose I'll just have to wait for that post ;)