Saturday, April 18, 2009

Trigger foods

On my latest trip to Costco I picked up a huge piece of smoked salmon!
I got home and cut them into 1 point pieces and bagged them up for an easy snack. There are two problems with this snack, one point of salmon is not a lot and it causes me to crave more.
I like to call these trigger foods, anything that causes you to crave other/more food.
The biggest key is to figure out what foods trigger you.
I have a friend who knows that popcorn is a trigger food for her. For most of us though it is a great 1 point snack, they obviously vary for every person.
Have you found any items that are triggers?


  1. hmmm, what a great post. I never thought of it like that. Chocolate is mine for sure!

  2. Cheetos... and fried things that are dipped in ranch. I just gotta avoid those- or really save up 'cause it's gonna get ugly ; )

  3. Crackers! and popcorn actually. I could eat a bunch of popcorn at one time.