Wednesday, January 7, 2009

my typical food for a day

I have been asked what I eat typically so I figured I would share.
I have 20 points daily but I am about to drop down to 19 in a few lbs. I woke up earlier than normal and knew I HAD to make a list off all the things I planned to eat if I wanted to follow my points today.
coffee 1pt
I was still hungry so I had some brussel sprouts before lunch since I am out of ww yogurt
brussel sprouts with olive oil 1pt
(I cook them in the microwave till warm and add a teaspoon of olive oil and salt,
the pt is from the oil.)
V8 0 pts
shrimp marinara lean cuisine 3 pts
2/3 cup frozen peas
I went to run some errands today so I threw some cheese in my purse. Make sure to keep snacks around when you will be gone for a while. These are just so easy to grab on the go.
ww string cheese 1 pt
baby belle low fat cheese 1 pt
I needed something to tide me over till dinner so I had some soup and coffee.
coffee 1pt
progressive soup 0 pts
(I like the kind with noodles in it)
I still have a huge list of things to choose from for the rest of the day to get all my points
scrambled eggs for dinner 4 pts
corn 2 pts
green beans with olive oil 1 pt for the oil
grapefruit with splenda 1 pt
apple 1 pt
popcorn 1 pt
ww fudge pop 1 pt (need a chocolate fix? these are amazing... they are in with the ice cream)
carmel apple sucker 1 pt
If I am still needing something tea is a great option for 0 pts
(chamomile is the exception)
I know that I have a lot of veggies planned today. I love them since they are yummy, filling, cheap, easy and fast. The are also just as good with just a little salt, skip the butter, or they a great way to get in your oil that day. Olive oil is a healthy fat and will help you lose weight, don't skip this step.
My husband brought up a good point the other day. He asked if I was eating way under my points to lose weight faster or if I was eating all of my points. I try and get in all my points unless I am content and ready for bed. Eating only part of your points will make your body do the opposite of what you are trying to do. You will start to hold on to the calories that you eat because it doesn't know when it will be getting more. It goes into starvation mode and will kill your metabolism.
How have you girls been doing? We are a week into the new year already.
Have you been able to follow your points and resist temptation?


  1. Congrats! Your success is inspiring. WW is great...sensible& flexible. I've just started over...down 1lb in 1st wk...not much, but a step toward reclaiming control! Glad I ran across your blog. Have you considered becoming a group leader after you reach your goal? Cheers!

  2. Thanks for your blog -- it's super inspiring!

  3. I'm supposed to eat 20 points too. I had a hard time getting in my points today because I didn't eat breakfast (I usually do eat it though). I was able to use my 4 remaining points for 1/2 c Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate ice cream...oh darn. :)

  4. I had a weigh-in with my doctor today. Not a happy camper, but I guess we all have to start somewhere? After talking to my doctor & telling him I had started Weight Watchers again, he told me that a healthy weight for my height & bone structure would be 145-155 lbs. I have about 30-40 lbs. to lose. Why does that sound like so much? We are doing pretty good so far...trying to stick with it! I think I'm allowed 24-25 points a day.

  5. You have inspired me to start a seperate weightloss blog! Thank you for putting yourself out there :)

  6. Thanks for sharing your food choices! It always helps to get good ideas for things to eat.
    I have done surprisingly well with counting points this time around. It hasn't even annoyed me! Yay!!

    I just need to begin to incorproate exercise, now that DOES annoy me. *wink*

  7. I just found your blog, and just signed up for WW online yesterday! I want to lose 20, and just eat better overall!

  8. I will be honest. I could only eat the yogurt :) I don't do veggies often. But I know I should. I just can't! And I always eat all my points. I was told that a while back and I always have! :) Great post!