Friday, January 16, 2009

Weight Watcher Twinkies?

Yesterday I had a new family that I babysat for. It is always hard going the first time to a new house because you have no idea what food and temptations they will have. I discovered that they had 4 open container of frosting. I love frosting and use to eat it by the spoonful in college. It might even be my favorite sweet. I was able to resist it though and I didn't even have any of the left over mac and cheese either!! They also had a tons of other food that would normally be a temptation. I have learned though that if I start it is too hard for me to stop.

After I got done working I realized I had better run to Walmart and get some food since we were all out. I make sure that I shop on the 1st and the 16 th and get enough for 2 weeks. This really cuts down on temptation and saves us money as well. As much as I don't love shopping at Walmart it really saves us a lot of money on our food. I noticed that they had cut down lots of prices, they dropped lean cuisines down to $2 each from $3. I must have been hungry or tired of eating the same foods because I picked up foods that I hadn't been eating recently but did when I started following ww.

I saw these, aren't they just low fat twinkies. They didn't appeal to me but 1 pt is good! I did pick up the lemon cakes though. They are little but good if you need a little something sweet. Just remember that 2 of these doesn't equal 2 points.

I have picked these up before. They were so great to keep in my car for a quick snack, 2 pts. I have figured out that almost all cereal is the same points per serving (serving size may vary a little). Don't eat something you don't like because it is lower in points. Why not eat something you will enjoy and will satisfy you. You can always bag up your own little individual servings. I have mentioned it before but it is best to do right when you get home from the store.

I like to keep my food in a drawer all together in the fridge. It makes it so much easier to just grab on the go. The more things you do like this the easier it will be.
I have been asked about V8 and if it is bad to drink because it is so high in sodium. I am not too worried about this because I am eating so much better than I normally would if I wasn't following my points. One fast food meal has days worth of sodium in it. Moderation is the biggest key to ww as I am sure you have figured out. One serving isn't going to affect you.
I am hoping that your dishwasher is filled with your measuring cups and spoons every time you run it! If it is it means that you are paying attention to portions. Our everyday dishes have mugs that are one cup. I use them all the time since 1 cup is a very typical serving size. My husband doesn't get how manage to use everyone of them!


  1. What a great post!! I am loving the idea of devoting one crisper drawer in the fridge to WW grab and go foods! I couldn't agree more with eating something you enjoy and that is satisfying to you. It's so difficult to eat something less filling and to suppress those cravings is even worse!

    Thanks for the great tips! :)

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  3. Wonderful, Helpful, Encouraging post.
    Thanks for all your time and effort to share what you have learned with us!!


  4. I posted the POPS on my blog too, along with some of my other "sweet" foods. But, I only calculated them out to be 1 point? Hmm...did I do something wrong? :P

  5. try new WW brownies...2 pts...a friend described it as 'wicked good'!

  6. I haven't tried the new twinkies. Are they good?

  7. That's a great idea to use a mug or cup that is a serving size.