Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Activity points

I don't have a lot to talk about today but I thought I would mention exercise.
I wanted to remind you how easy it is to get activity points without thinking about it. These don't have to be earned in a gym or by making a huge effort. Yesterday we went to a local park and just threw around a lacrosse ball, nothing big just something fun to do with the hubby on a nice day. I wore my heart rate monitor so I know that I got in an hour of exercise and burned 400 calories while spending quality time with hubby.
What do you enjoy doing that burn calories?


  1. I love walking. Whether it's my walk home from work (2 miles) or just walking for fun with my husband and dog, I know it's a great way to burn some extra calories. What kind of heart rate monitor do you have? That is an interesting idea.. I've never thought about using one.

  2. I usually walk a good 45 minutes per day, I use public transportation and my own two feet to get around.

    Right now I'm also doing wii fit, but I'm not sure how that computes into activity points. Any tips?

    I also like to take a run with my fiance when the weather is warmer, there's a high school track a couple of blocks away from us that we enjoy using.

  3. I like to walk too, and Mr.Buck got me a tennis racket for Christmas last year - so we should really play some casual tennis more often!

    Can you tell us more about your heart rate monitor? Which one do you use? How does it compare to the WW tool for calculating activity points?


  4. I don't really know how this started but my dog likes being chased around the house when I get home! It's hilarious and we can usually go a good ten minutes before both of us are panting and have to stop! It helps him release a lot of energy he's been saving up all day while I was at work and it gives me just enough of a burst to get my heart rate up and breathing a little heavier. =)

  5. I need help. I am DEATHLY AFRAID of dogs. Many people in my area have dogs that run around in their yards and when walkers/runners pass, they run out to them. I can't do much outside because of the dogs. What are some ways to do things inside (without having to have a gym membership right away?)

    Thanks Leslie!


  6. I just started a diet and your story is amazing please visit my gyms site if you have any questions.

  7. I have one of the Polar HRM's. I love it. I have a pretty nice pedometer, but I was feeling jipped when I would go from walking to weights or an aerobics tape. The HRM keeps up and I feel like I get a more accurate AP number. :]

  8. Okay, I have 2 questions b/c I'm still a "newbie" at WW sorta...

    1. Where do you buy a good heart rate monitor? And, how do you calculate how many points you've burned? (okay, I guess that question was actually two)

    2. Is diet soda really bad for you to drink while on WW? I heard that Aspartame is bad for you.

    Thankyou :)


  9. I have actually used grocery shopping as an "activity". I just calculate the time (usually 60 minutes) as "leisure walking". I think it's worth 2 activity points, but I can't remember for sure!

  10. I'm wondering what type of Heart Rate Monitor you use. I've looked at the Omron heart monitors on Amazon and found one for around $40 (which is pretty reasonable to me). Just wondering what brand/model you like best for an affordable price

  11. Love the idea of using grocery shopping to earn Activity Points. I'm about to go out shopping; hope I earn at least 2 points.

    By the way, I blogged today about falling off of--and getting back on--the WW wagon: