Monday, January 5, 2009

What about working out?

I have to say for myself that all I could focus on when I first started Weight Watchers was the food and keeping that on track. I don't think I would have done as well if I felt like I had to make it to the gym as well. You didn't put the weight on in a day or a week and you can't turn your entire life around in one day. I make following your daily points your main priority at first since it really is something you will need to work at and figure out how it fits into your life.

80% of weight loss is what you eat, or don't eat

I realize I may be challenged on this but as yourself are you in this for a lifetime or is it just another resolution that you won't have followed through on in a few weeks.

*photo from daily candy


  1. I just wanted you to know that you've inspired me to join Weight Watchers tomorrow night! I'm going to my first meeting since I 'tried' it in college with my girlfriends. Of course I had no clue how little I really was back then! And all I really remember doing is saving my 'flex points' for beer!! So, I've been married for two years now and am a good 25-30 lbs overweight. My eating habits have been out of control since I returned from our two week honeymoon in Italy where I consumed an unlimited supply of bread, chocolate, and wine. I don't think I've stopped since...

  2. Hey girlie - Love the Weight Watchers blog! I joined last night with my co-worker who's been going (my 3rd time in six years).
    Re: Exercise. I've found that sticking to my points and not worrying about excersing too much has taken off more weight that focusing on exercise.