Friday, January 9, 2009

Keeping motivated

One of the biggest things that I struggle with on Weight Watchers is following my points everyday and I am guessing it is something we all struggle with. I have a mindset that the holidays are over and I shouldn't have anything that will tempt me. I have been so incorrect in this assumption. We are going to have temptations everyday. I think that if we take on a mindset that temptations are everywhere we may be better prepared when the temptations do come along.
I have been thinking about ways to motivate me to follow my points more days in a row without fail. One idea that I have come up with is to make chains with construction paper, similar to the countdown ones we made in elementary school counting the days till the holidays. My idea though is to add days to your chain. Start with one color and everyday that you follow add a link in the same color. If you have an event or need a reason to cheat that day just start with a new color the next day and continue with that color till you have another off day.
I think for me having this visual item that shows the work I have been doing may be worth not eating something extra that day and going over my points.
Do any of you have any ideas to reward yourself or to keep yourself motivated?


  1. I just ate 4 pieces of pizza, I wonna die right now. :(

  2. I would make sure to buy all the delicious desserts so that I do not have to go without the sweets. Also I make sure I know I can use up all the extra points I have left over on fir or sat night when I go out!
    That is what is so great about the point system!

  3. I really like your idea about the construction paper rings, that sounds like a great visual! It's only been a short time, but the Mr. and I are trying to look at hitting our points like a big game. So far, it's working quite well! (he hit his points for the first time yesterday!) Thank you for the suggestion of the WW products in the dessert aisle, we were blown away at how yummy and satisfying ther little fudge pop things were! Happy weekend! ;)

  4. I really like that idea, I'm a visual person too.
    I've spent a lot of time thinking about your post the other day about lifting. And it really makes so much sense (about lifting hard and not lifting 12-15 times). and here is why... You can not tone a muscle you do not have. so "toning" with light reps and weights won't work when you have no muscle to build upon. You need to do the 8-10 of heavier weights to build a muscle. once that muscle has been built, then you can back off a little bit if you'd like to just maintain your muscle,by doing more reps. Just a thought that I thought I should share.

  5. I really like that idea. I think I'm going to hang up some heavy paper by my scale and add stars to it for each day I follow.