Sunday, January 18, 2009

fast foods

I figure that some of you have had moments already where you are out and starving but not sure what fast food places carry low point options. I was at a Chick-fil-a the other day with a bunch of other women and they were discussing what foods there were low in points. One of the women who has lost 150 lbs on ww said it was the char grilled sandwich. Another woman had order the wrap because she thought it would be the lowest. I think that foods we assume are healthy turn out the be the worst options. I always order the kids 4 piece chicken nugget meal with a diet drink and fruit instead of fries. I think it is only 4 or 5 points. I know the fruit is 1 pt for sure. I would encourage you to figure out low point foods that you can pick up on the run rather than just guessing.
I love knowing that I can get a tall caramel macchiato for 3 points and a grande for 4, this is just as satisfying as a 6-8 point salted caramel hot chocolate. Also remember tea is 0 pts, brewed tea in a tea bag, not a sweetened drink.
I read today in my runners magazine that people underestimate the calorie count by up to 93% when they are eating out.
I would love to hear if you have a go to food that is lower in points to pick up while you are out.
I also figured I would address 0 pt foods. Yes a few foods are 0 points, so great!! Remember that it is only 0 points for one serving. Carrots easily jump in points when you go above a serving.


  1. Good stuff! I loooove chic fil a, I'm def ordering off the kid's mean next time!

  2. Here are the choices that I figured this weekend:

    Panera: Chicken noodle soup (which is my FAV) is only 2 points, small fruit cup (1), large fruit cup (3) which could be a great snack on its own because it's big!), 1/2 asian chicken salad WITH the dressing but without wontons is 4. You could get the you pick two with soup and 1/2 the salad for a total of 6 points and it'd be really filling.

    Wendys: Small chili (I love Wendy's chili and can never eat a whole small) is 4, and the ultimate grilled chicken sandwich is 5 (nix the mayo if it has it).

    Subway: the 6" turkey on wheat (no dressings or cheese) that I get all the time comes out to be 5 points.

    I asked my group leader about the 0 point items...specifically carrots. She said that zero pt items like carrots will more than likely remain zero if you eat more than a serving...BUT items like ff cool whip which is 0..isn't 0 if you eat the whole tub. I'll have to ask her about that again. And a small orange is 0 but 1cup of orange segments is 1 point? A small orange would give you about a cup of segments so I'm not quite sure how that adds up....

  3. Have yall ever seen this site?
    I found it on one of the boards for WW online. It has a lot of restaurants listed.
    When I go out I usually try to stick with a salad (w/out meat) and a ff dressing on the side. Or a vegetable soup. Panera's is great! I always skip the bread!! Or I'll have a small baked potato. If I know I am going out I always, always try to find out where before-hand so I can look up my best options.

  4. The original sandwich alone is like 8pts...the Cool Wrap is 9 or 10 pts. It's because of the ranch dressing, and the salads are actully not healthy AT ALL. love your blog!

  5. We have been cutting down on eating out so I do not run into this problem much.

  6. Seriously, I love this blog! Everytime I come back it has an even better and more informative post than the last! Thanks for all of the great information!

  7. I'm with Mrs. Guru. I try to take a snack with me so I'm not tempted to eat out. I also like to chop some of my food for dinner ahead of time...if I've already put work into it then I'll more than likely come home to finish! :) I try to make new foods that I'm excited about eating so I'm actually looking forward to eating at home.

  8. A friend of mine has Type 1 Diabetes and she has a small book that she keeps in her purse that lists popular restaurants and the calorie count for most of the dishes they serve.
    I'll have to get the name of the book from her, sounds like it would be a great resource for anyone trying to eat healthier.

  9. SUSHI!!! I think 6 cali rolls are 6 points (240 cals). Yummo!