Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sore morning

Yesterday morning I had planned on waking up early to get in my trail run. I woke up so sore though from lifting with my husband the day before that I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep. When I woke up I went to the gym since it was too hot to run outside. I had a hard start but I found my grove. I was once told by a fellow runner that if you can make it past 20 minutes you are in the clear for your run, the hardest is before that though. I felt so good that I added an extra .4 miles to my normal 5K since today was my long run day. I still can't believe that I can run an entire hour without stopping! Later that evening my husband and I also went for a 2.8 mile intensely hilly hike. I was super sore when I started but I was happy that we did the loop. We have also been going swimming at least once a day lately. I don't count this when I add up how many calories I have burned that week (my goal is 3,500 or 1 calories worth) but I love getting in the extra activity.
I also want to talk about lifting with my husband. Even though I am still super sore I love it. It meant that I had really made as big of difference in my body! I have been doing circuits for a while now and I wasn't really seeing or feeling too much from doing them. By switching to two upper body activities that use all of my muscles at once and one lower body that does the same I will hopefully see bigger gains than when I worked each muscle separately. When you do this you use almost every muscle to stabilize yourself, especially when squatting. I can't wait to have Kelly Ripa arms!


  1. Ooooh, you will have to show us photos!

  2. Agreed - sounds like you are doing awesome, would love to see in progress photos! It's such a great feeling to run for a length of time. I NEVER thought I would be "a runner" yuck... but after my first 10k and still going, I guess I could call myself one :) Congrats