Thursday, July 30, 2009

Climbing a mountian

The summer between my junior year and senior year I was forced to climb a mountain and I was not happy about it. It wasn't a 14ner (over 1,400 feet in elevation) but still I still wanted to die. It didn't help that I had started to gain weight that summer and I had absolutely no energy.
I was in the back of a HUGE group of 300 hikers and by they time I got to the rest area the group would start to move again.
I did the exact same hike two summers ago when I was at my absolute heaviest. I was at the front of the huge group this time and that made it a lot easier.
Lately I have had a lot of friends put up pictures on facebook of them hiking 14ners and I have decided that I am going to do one. This Saturday I am going to try my first one ever with another girlfriend!! I will make sure to take some pictures to show you.
14ner this Saturday and my first race next Saturday!
Also I know I sad that I wasn't going to weigh myself before the race but I hopped on the scale last night really quick. I could tell that I had lost about a pound even with my extra weight since it was the end of the day.


  1. LOL. I did a hike in 8th grade with a group. Half way up, a friend and I gave up and fell asleep in a empty tent. It must have belonged to some other hikers. How sad is that?
    I've so been wanting to get into hiking, I just don't know where to go.

  2. Your hike sounds fun! Good for you for doing new stuff!

  3. Just found your blog! Looks like a fun hike!
    I just started WW this past tuesday. THe point counting and such is a lot easier than I thought. I like how it makes me aware of what I'm actually puting into my body. And I just read your post about artificaial sweetners. I love diet coke and drinking one at the moment, now I'm scared to take another sip lol. My gf keeps telling me artifical sweetners are no good...maybe she knows what she's talking about lol!