Monday, July 20, 2009

4 @ 4

We spent all weekend at the Mile High Music Festival so I had a weekend off from counting points! I realized the second day that besides drinks I had only shared a few things with my husband. I would normally eat almost everything I could because I wasn't counting points, not smart. I have gotten much better lately at listening to my body and eating because I am hungry.
Back to working out an counting points today!
I took the kids that I use to nanny for to school this morning so I was up much earlier than normal. I went straight to the gym as soon as I dropped them off at school. Last time I planned on stopping home first and then going to the gym. I made it home but never to they gym, lesson learned.
The plan for today's run was to work on speed. On speed days I normally run at 4 miles per hour till I need a break and I slow my run down to 3.5 miles even 3.2 at times if that is too fast. Today I ran 4 miles straight at 4 miles per hour the entire time. Just two weeks ago when I started running rather than running and walking that would have killed me. I just can't believe how far and how fast I have already come. I absolutely love it as well!
When I finished up my run I did some assisted pull up and dips. They were much harder today than when I did them with my husband last week.


  1. Love your blog- I'm trying to loose weight before my trip to Hawaii- I wish I could run 4 miles per hour like you- I just want to say thanks for all the good tips - Also, I'm having a giveaway on my blog- if you are interested-Thxs


  2. Woo-hoo! I have just started a running "progam" and it has me switching back and forth between running and kicked my butt!

    Keep up the great work!