Tuesday, May 26, 2009

getting back on track

Are we all back on track after the long Memorial Day weekend?
I know that Saturday I had way too many parties (a baby shower, 3 graduation parties, a 60th birthday party and my husband's birthday) to be able to follow my points.  I did however fit in 3 miles before all the celebrations! I informed my husband that I NEEDED to follow my points Sunday and Monday, it may sound silly but I need to let him know that I couldn't give in to any temptation.  I find that my husband is the biggest reason my day gets thrown off points wise.
He can be my biggest supporter or my biggest weakness and I need to let him know how he can support me best.  
I followed my points as I had planned and I was able to get in 13 miles over the three day weekend! I also started tracking my miles and how many points I eat for the day in my calender on my computer.  Apple has a great Calender where with a few clicks I am able to only see what I have designated my weight watchers calender and my mileage calender.  I am hoping that I can see how successful the month has been and hopefully why I have not been able to follow my points for the day (hopefully only because of an eventful like Saturday). Seeing that I have had a great week hopefully will keep me motivated to stay on track.  I am also hoping seeing the opposite will also help motivated me to work out or follow my points.

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