Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cut it out

Does my title today make you think of Full House and Uncle Joey?
I have made the decision that I have been adding way too much salt to my foods.  I have become quite dependant on it and I have slowly added more over time.  I have already noticed that I can tell when there is already salt added and that things are tasting better already.  Most diet foods are so packed with salt I really want to cut out any extra salt and see how my body reacts.
Along the same lines I am cutting out ib profin.  I did this a while ago and I found I was less dependant on it.  When I really was in pain it worked so much better because my tolerance had gone down.
Since I started running my shoulders feel so much better. They use to cause me terrible pain everyday, the result of too many car accidents (I was a passenger every time) and years of  diving.  I think the added blood flow helps them.

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