Saturday, October 31, 2009

Working out after being sick

With sickness comes a lack of working out. As I am starting to feel better I am still in the routine of my sick days. Daily naps and feeling super lazy seem pretty normal now. I use to nap everyday when I was heavier and I had gotten out of that habit, still LOVE naps but everyday won't work.
I mentioned yesterday that I needed to start running again tomorrow.
My husband has a very annoying habit of remembering these comments and plans his day around them. I wake up and he says to me "when are you going to run?" While I love the encouragement I don't love it first thing in the morning. Give me a good hour with my computer and a cup of coffee then you may ask questions. I do realize this only happens in my perfect world.
He bugged me for quite a while and I finally gave in. We still have tons of snow so my trail if not snow covered would be at least completely muddy and I don't want to deal with that. My two other options are a gym that is a little over 10 minutes away or to walk to our neighborhood workout room. They equipment is subpar and no one is really ever in there but it is close and I don't have to waste gas to get there. All I really need is a functioning treadmill anyway. I was feeling super crummy but I forced myself to begin my typical 5 minute warmup. My goal for the day was to run 20 minutes after my 5 minute warmup. I made it but my body was begging me to stop there. I didn't have a decent run but I gotta say that I am so glad that I made it as far as I did. Sometime the first step is the very hardest.


  1. Good for you!! It is so, so easy to slip back into old habits. I'm pulling myself out now. It is just too easy to make those small decisions that slowly begin to add up.

    You are right about "Sometimes the first step is the very hardest."

  2. It is so hard to get back to your routine after stopping for any reason. It is so easy not to go that you need to give yourself credit for doing it! Good job!