Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How to beat cravings

Yesterday I had a cheat day, at the end of the evening I thought to myself
"Is there anything I want to eat tonight before I have to count points again tomorrow?"
I know that most last meals before a diet starts or go back on track are this way. Luckily I have gotten rid of these items in my home, there was nothing in my house that I couldn't eat the next day on Weight Watchers. I would say that this is one of the biggest tricks to staying on track with WW. Most cravings aren't worth actually driving to the store for but if they are there you are going to eat them. I know it can be harder to control once you have kids but just make sure that the items that you have a weakness for stay out of your house. One other option is to look at the serving size and how many points the item is, usually it is nowhere near worth eating. Also have on hand something special that can replace the desired item. Most suckers are 1 point and will help pass a sugar craving. I also like that they take a while to eat. WW ice cream products are also good!
One last trick is to completely separate your food items from the other people's in your household. Mine are in the same cabinet but on an upper part that has a different door than my husband's food so I never see it.

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