Thursday, October 8, 2009

getting back

Is there one thing you notice about your body when you haven't been eating correctly?
For me the biggest thing that I notice is the lines next to my mouth when I take a photo.
This photo was taken last night. I have started to get back on track but then I had events two nights in a row. Back to tracking points today!
I have gotten quite a few comments about how hard it is to get back on track and asking for tips. I will work on that for my next post!
Until then, What body feature gives away the fact that you haven't been eating right?


  1. I can see it in my face for sure. I'm probably the only one who notices, but I can see it around my smile and jaw line.

  2. My face, like my neck, i think this is the first place it shows! My mother reminds me all the time!

  3. I also agree with my face. Sometimes it's so slight that I try to ignore it, but if I listened I'd be so much better off!

  4. I think it's my tummy now.Since I've ahd my twinkies!! I just started working gor WW!

  5. It's tie between my face and my stomach. Immediately following "binge days" where I don't care what I eat suddenly I have a food baby and a chubby face to match.

    When I do eat better, my food baby flattens out a bit and my face isn't so chubby :)

  6. My whole system just seems "off" after a binge. I find myself cranky, tired, and depressed. As for one specific feature, I would have to say my gut. It just seems to expand with uncensored eating. I can definitely pinch a few extra inches. Ick!