Thursday, October 15, 2009

Squash Soup

Yesterday's slow cooker meal turned out pretty yummy. I added chili powder and cumin after it was done cooking. Here is a picture of it today, it is cold so it doesn't look as good. It will be dinner tonight for me and my husband, I will eat one serving and give him two. Next time I make it I will add more corn because that was my favorite part. This will make it 4 points per serving most likely but it will be worth it!
Yesterday I went to Sunflower Market (it's a farmer's market grocery store with great prices on produce). I picked up a ton of great produce that will be fun to try in my slow cooker. Today I am planning on making butternut squash.
I cup up a squash into cubes added one clove of garlic and one sweet onion. I have read that slow cookers need liquid so I also added 3 cups of chicken broth. The broth is only 10 calories and .5 of fat for one cup, I am guessing it will be less than 1/2 cup or so per serving so I am not worried about the calories it adds, it will however add flavor!
I plan on dividing it up into 1 cup servings, I am having trouble finding out exactly how many calories one cup is but I would assume this would be 2 points. I really like squash soup so I plan on pureeing it after it is all cooked but you could eat it in cubes if you would like.
I was looking up receipts for slow cookers and I have decided that I enjoy much more just throwing items that are on sale, look good or are in season in the pot rather than follow the directions. I have had good luck so far!
Also obviously back on the wagon for two full days now and I could tell such a big difference this morning in my stomach!!
We are however sick :(


  1. HI there!That looks very yummy!! I'm going to ahve to amke it.Glad to hear you are back on with WW! I just had my 2nd night of training to be a receptionist!

  2. Oh my...I could so go for some nice warm soup!! It's freezing here in Massachusetts. :)