Saturday, June 6, 2009

don't throw it all away

So something has clicked in my life lately and after today I have been on track two full weeks!! That's 14 days! I really think the biggest motivator for me has been seeing exactly how many days I have been following.  Two weeks isn't worth throwing away for one splurge. 
Don't forget though I still plan one splurge meal every week. In the two weeks I have had two very different splurge meals. The first one I started like a normal day if I were to be following my points.  I think I had eaten less than 10 points (out of 20) before I had my cheat meal.  That evening we picked up sushi, beers and some ice cream for desert. Really not a terrible splurge meal.  
Two days later I had a busy day full of activities with friends. I woke up late and didn't get a chance to eat before heading out.  I ate the chicken salad, a croissant, lemonade and about 10 cookies before I had left. Don't you hate when the desert is right in front of you? 
We then had friends over for dinner that evening and that was another cheat meal full of chips, burgers, sides and more cookies. (My splurge meal turned into a full day.)
I was noticing a difference in my body every morning when I woke up,  after my over the top cheat day though I didn't see the changes I was use to.   It has taken me at till now to fully recover from going so over the top.
  If I would do it all over again I would have woken up earlier and eaten before I went to hang out with friends so that I only had one cheat meal for the day.  I like to bring something to drink when I go to a party that I am not planning on eating at, coffee or tea works great.  People, especially hosts, get nervous when everyone is eating but you.  I would also have limited the number of cookies I had that evening.  I looked later how many points one cookie was and discovered one pretty small cookie was 3 points.  I would guess I ate 40 points in just cookies that day. 
I learned my lesson though, it was too easy to ruin all the hard work I had put in for one day of splurges.


  1. I felt that way on Wednesday when I ate half of a low fat cheesecake. I was so upset with myself because I had been good 3 days in a row!

  2. This is amazing! You look so great!

  3. Thanks for being honest about your cravings and splurging! I think that's REALLY helpful. Sometimes I look at skinny people (like you!) and think that they must NEVER eat anything bad for them, which most likely just isn't the case. Moderation is the key. I'll keep trying!