Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the bluffs

Today I had one of those days where working out feel amazing and I got tons in! I burned 1,334 calories total today. 
(This may sound like a lot of calories but 3,500 is equivalent to only 1 pound.)
 First, I went with a friend to visit a trail in our area called the bluffs,  I had never heard of it before she told me about it.  It is a 2.7 miles loop that is super hilly but has amazing view around the city.  It is the prettiest place around outside of the mountains.
I went to babysit and the little boy wanted to play wii boxing with me.  I made sure to start my heart rate monitor before so I could count it as a workout!  Between that and a one on one game of basketball I burned 300 calories!
I got home early enough to show my husband the bluffs.  I made sure to bring my camera to show you how amazing it is. I can't wait to walk/run it all summer and really work my butt! That next 20 lbs is going to fall off the way I am going, hopefully!


  1. So beautiful! Can I come visit you too! It looks so peaceful!

  2. I need a calorie counter!

    And, the bluff looks amazing.

  3. Sounds and looks like a great place to workout!


  4. How do you know how many calories you burned through the whole day? I'd love to know that.