Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a picture of points planning

I wanted to share with you a picture of how I just started tracking my points. I know I told you about it yesterday but I figured it would be best if I added a picture.

It's 1 pm and I try to eat half my daily points by this time. The left side shows what I have already eaten and the right is a rough outline of what I will eat later. It contains 2o points, my daily allowance. I have learned its better to look at a list of foods that fit into my daily points rather than look at all the foods in the fridge or pantry. The bottom foods with no numbers next to them are 0 points to mix in through out the day. If I am craving something I can substitute it for something on this list but it helps so much to make a plan.

I have also included wine in my points for the day. I make sure that I really enjoy my 1 glass so that I am not tempted to drink the entire bottle. I am sure we all know what happens when we start to drink and there is food around. It also helps to throw 1 or 2 ice cubes in your wine to make it go a little further. (Sounds silly but it really helps.)


Do any of you have great 0 point items that tide you over when you have already eaten your daily points?


  1. Pickles! I would die without them ;)

    You inspired me to take my dogs for a nice long walk this afternoon. It was gorgeous out, they are exhausted now, and I even met a new neighbor!

  2. I agree with above about the pickles! Sometimes I eat a sugar free jello or carrots or just drink some hot green tea.

  3. Carrots is a biggie for me. Gum helps some. I like to buy a big cheap back of cole slaw mix, and then 'pickle' it myself. I've been trying different recipes- but don't just love one yet. They are all pretty good though- if you like pickled foods. Hmmmmm...