Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What's different this time

Yesterday I was reading through my old posts and realized how many times I've mentioned that I'm back. This time I truly believe is different simply because I'm approaching it differently.
Last time I focused only on counting points but now my priorities are counting points, eating better foods, running and lifting weights. I know that sounds like a lot of changes at once but I have realized I am an all or nothing girl.
Attending meetings and paying for them myself (last time a friend did) also makes a huge difference. I am racing to get to the finish faster so I can spend the money in other ways once I hit lifetime membership.
Last time I attended meetings I very rarely worked out and I didn't always make wise decisions about what I ate as long as it fit into my points. One of my almost daily favorite things was 6 point coffees that are now a rare treat on a super busy day. Before I also figured I would add fitness in once I got to "that" point but my focus wasn't strong enough to make it to that imaginary point. I am hoping to see results faster this time and have that be an inspiration to keep up with ALL of the hard work.
An example of eating better than before. I'll post more about this gross looking thing soon, just know now though it is Yummy!
Are you an all or nothing person like me or are you a one step and a time or I'll burn out person?

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  1. Congratulations on your determination. I think that one needs to be ready and like you said, if you are an all or nothing kinda gal then this is it for you. Question, do you achieve lifetime membership once you reach goal weight?