Tuesday, August 4, 2009

my bad running habit

I have a bad habit lately of looking at the runners treadmills next to me to see how fast or slow they are running. I run anywhere from a 3.5 to 4 mph so 10 out of 10 times I am running slower then they are. Then I realize one thing, I run for a lot longer periods of time then they do. If I wanted to sprint then walk I could run at the same speeds they do. My goal is to run the entire three miles I am there not wear myself out and force myself to walk.
Even though I have already mentioned it before I can't tell you what motivation signing up for a race has been. It was 100% of what got me into the gym for my run today and quite a few other days. I find that I take one day off and before I know it weeks have gone by without me getting in. The days I struggle to get there I usually am so glad that I got in a run. I have only had one day where I didn't complete my planned workout.
I have two more runs to get in before I am taking two days off to rest before my run.
I also plan on doing another 14er on Sunday with some of my girls!


  1. Maybe I'm not sure about MPH on treadmills, but I run at a max speed of 6.0, but it fluctuates from 4.5 to 6.0, I am assuming those are MPH? How big an incline do you run at on the treadmill? I don't know what the "typical" non-hilly terrain would translate into as an incline on the treadmill? Just wondering! Keep up the good running!

  2. I just started following your blog and I have to tell you that I find it so inspirational! I'm also guilty of looking at other people's stats on the treadmill and eliptical. I'm not a runner by any means and I used to absolutely hate it but I'm signed up for a 5k soon and "training" for it has made me really enjoy running for the first time!

  3. A few weeks ago I really started becoming concerned about my time. I got some great advice from someone who posted on RunningAhead he said, "When you are a beginning to run the last thing you should be worried about is time. You need to start logging some miles." That was huge for me! I shifted my focus from time to distance and stamina. Looks like you already figured that out though as you are running for longer periods of time. Keep it up.

    Really excited for you to post about your race!!

  4. Look into "Turbulance Training" and "Tabata" (google them) and BodyRockTV (she's amazing) you will learn about interval training which may be what the people next to you are doing. Running at a sprint and then walking. Intervals are the new best way to burn fat. Forget the long, slow, boring cardio. Burn fat! It ain't easy--in fact it's painful but you will see results. Best of luck!!