Friday, September 3, 2010

How to burn 4800 calories in a day

Today I burned 4800 calories or 71 activity points.
You may wonder how I did it, first know it took 9 hours and I'm absolutely exhausted.
I climbed from where the photo was taken to the peak on the left, back down to where they meet and over to the peak on the far right...
Then from there we headed to the peak in the middle of the photo below.
Then on to the peak in the middle of the photo below and all the way down.
If your counting that is a total of four 14ers today. (14er is a mountain over 14,000 feet)
I did it all with my little brother, so great to get to spend all day with him.
Climbing even one of these is so physically demanding that you must almost constantly be eating and drinking to keep your energy up. Between Gatorade and Peanut butter today alone I burned 26 point. While I didn't "count points" before I ate them I've added up what I've eaten and I still have about 50 activity points left. I'm not sure how this is going to affect my weight in tomorrow but we will see. Can't get much worse than my .2 loss last week.
I have to say one of the best side effects mentally of climbing 14ers is seeing how much your body needs calories and carbs for energy.


  1. no altitude sickness? I am guessing you are in CO...lots of peak bagging out there.

  2. Don´t worry when you just have lost 0,2 although you´re doing everything right! This week you did much exercise. Maybe you are building up your muscles. I´m sure one day it will show!

  3. wow!! u go girl!!!!amazing how many points you need!!!