Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Results are in...

The results are in from my little informal survey...
It is exactly tied at this time. Twenty votes for the 1st girl and twenty votes for the second. I can't tell you how shocked I was by that. I figured that most of you would vote for the sound girl since she is the clear winner in my book. It is funny though how some of you equated the muscle with being the skinnier of the two. They are not the same girl I just cut out the top part because I didn't want you to be distracted by other factors. I was hoping that I would leave you conventing muscle so that you would be motivated to hit up the gym.
Here is my original post though.
I will be spending a week at Young Life camp this summer in a swimsuit in front of tons of skinny teenagers. Silly, I know but it still makes you self conscience, especially when you have to wear the dreaded one piece while the kids get to wear what they want.
Since it has been so long since I have been to the gym I am losing the muscle definition that I was gaining. I am confident that I didn't gain as much weight as I would have in the past because I had built up the extra muscle. Remember that muscle burns more calories than fat even when just sitting still.
You may think scary steroid girl when I talk about building muscle but think Jessica Simpson when she looks skinny rather than Jessica Simpson currently.
You may look at celebrities and dream of looking like them but what you are really coveting is their muscle definition. Jessica Simpson looked amazing when she filmed Dukes of Hazard but recently we are all aware of the bad press she has received. If you remember the press around her "Dukes body" she constantly talked about how she got that body. She talked a lot about weight lifting and actually loving going to the gym. She also mentioned how amazing it was to see her body transform, she loved her legs and her butt.
She may have only gained 5-10 lbs but she had lost that muscle definition that gave her an amazing trim figure. The results make it look like she has gained 20 or more lbs.
Another way to think about your body is as if it were a present, bare with me for a minute...
If you are giving someone a sweater do you just wrap the sweater up with paper or do you put it in a gift box before you wrap it? Think about how much easier it is to wrap when it is in a box.
If you put it in a box it gives you hard surfaces to work with rather than a shapeless form.
Muscle acts the same way, our bodies are going to look much better with a hard surface below our skin, especially our stomachs.
Look at these pictures I pulled off Victoria's Secret yesterday. The left model is skinny and looks good but I think the right model looks better and even skinnier. The left model in my opinion was just born skinny and happens to be one of the lucky few. How easy is it to over eat one day though and look pudgier because of a little rounder stomach. I would rather have a stomach that was held in by muscle and wasn't so easy to have an off day with. I would also rather have a workout that is still burning calories when I have left the gym instead of stopping as soon as I stop moving.


  1. Great post and I can tell a huge difference when I have muscle and when I have lost it!

  2. Aww man I have been working hard at the gym I can't wait until I can see more muscle def.

  3. I completely agree and I love weight training!! I know I am burning calories while doing it and I looove the way it makes my body look!

  4. You have very good points..love it!! I love people taking care of themselves!! yea!!!